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SAP Basis Administration

What is this course about?

SAP BASIS R/3 Basis includes client/server architecture and configuration. Its a relational database management system and a graphical user interface. Apart from providing an interface between system elements, its components include a development environment for R/3 applications, and a data dictionary, It caters to user and system administration and monitoring tools.

Prerequisites: None

SAP –The Big Picture
  1. The SAP software portfolio
  2. SAP Release Strategy
  3. SAP Netweaver
The System Kernel
  1. SAP System Architecture
  2. Work Processes
  3. Application Servers
SAP Sizing and sizing tools
  1. Concept of Sizing
  2. Using Quick Sizer
Installation of SAP systems
  1. Preparing an Installation(Windows & Linux)
  2. Planning an Installation
  3. Installation of SAP ECC/BW (Windows & Linux)
Post Installation activities
  1. Installation of SAP GUI.
  2. Overview of Post installation Steps
  3. Initial configuration for AS ABAP based System
  4. SAP License, online Documentation
  5. Remote Connection to SAP support
SAP Logon groups and load balancing
  1. Process of SAP Logon
  2. Configuring SAP logon Setting up and using logon groups
  3. Setting up and using logon groups
  4. Operating Transactions
Client copies
  1. Client Concept
  2. Client Copy and Client Transport Tools
  3. Client Compare and Maintenance Tools
  4. Client creation
  5. Local client copy
  6. Remote client copy
  7. Client Export/ Import
  8. Client Lock and Unlock
  9. Client deletion
Transport Management/STMS Configuration Data Structures of SAP System and Transport between SAP Systems (ABAP Stack)
  1. Setting up and SAP system landscape
  2. Setting up Transport Management System
  3. Customizing and Customizing Projects
  4. Transport Request for Customizing
  5. Customizing Procedure
  6. Transport Request for Development
  7. Customer Development
  8. Modifying SAP objects
  9. The Transport Process
  10. Imports using TMS
  11. QA Approval Procedures and Transport Proposals
  12. Import Process
  13. Monitoring Tools
  14. Cleanup the Transport Directory
System monitoring and Trouble Shooting
  1. Monitoring Architecture
  2. Configuring System monitoring in CCMS
  3. Alert Monitoring
  4. Integrating Remote Systems and create own monitors
  5. Utilizing Traces
  6. Developing Troubleshooting procedure
Software Maintenance
  1. Patching SAP Systems
  2. Implementing SAP Notes and SAP Support Packages
  3. Implementing SAP notes with SAP Note Assistant
  4. Preparing for Software Maintenance
  5. Apply SPAM/SAINT update
  6. Applying Support Packages
  7. Outline the concept of EHPs(Enhancement Packages)
  8. Outline the concept of Upgrades
Fundamentals of Working with Database
  1. Central Database administration with DBA cockpit
  2. Backup the database contents
  3. Monitoring Database
  4. Concept of data archiving
Spool Administration/Printers/Output Management
  1. Configuring Printers in AS ABAP
  2. Setup Logical Spool Servers
  3. Managing Spool Request
  4. Local/Remote Printing
  5. Access Methods
  6. TemSe Administration
SAP Memory management
  1. Performance tuning
  2. How to resolve SAP DUMPS issues
  3. SAP Service market place overview
SAP User management and authorization concepts
  1. User administration Concept
  2. Authorization Concept
  3. Creating Users and User groups
  4. Types of users
  5. Maintaining authorization roles
  6. Maintaining user roles and assignment
  7. Maintaining login parameters and user info
  8. Advanced User administration
Introduction to CUA
  1. Setting up of CUA(Central User Administration)
  2. User administration with CUA
Scheduling Background Tasks
  1. Fundamentals of Background processing
  2. Time-based scheduling of jobs
  3. Event based scheduling of jobs
  4. Monitoring Jobs
RFC Connections
  1. Fundamentals of using RFC
  2. Types of RFCs
  3. Setting up Remote Connections
HANA Overview
  1. Introduction to HANA Database
  2. Introduction to S/4 HANA
  3. Introduction to BW/4 HANA
  4. Introduction to BW on HANA