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What is this course about?

SAP Business Objects BI (also known as BO or BOBJ) is a suite of front-end applications that allow business users to view, sort and analyze business intelligence data and present it by using different reporting tools. The suite includes the following key applications:

  • Crystal Reports
  • Xcelsius/Dashboards
  • Web Intelligence
  • Explorer

Prerequisites: None

BO XI3.1 and BO 4.0 Course content
  1. Introduction to Data warehouse and Detaware house concepts in detail
  2. Data modelling concepts
  3. BO tools, Versions-Architecture
  4. Universe Design-Designer Basics
  5. Creation of classes and objects
  6. Setting Universe Parameters and options
  7. Working with Connections and Advanced parameters-Array fetch size
  8. Array bind size, Login timeout
  9. Customizing the Joins in universe and different joins in the universe—end of the course
  10. Universe joins path problems and resolving them-LOOPS and TRAPS and their resolution; In-depth Analysis
  11. Creation of Contexts and Usage while dealing with specific business logic
  12. Different Joins Supported by the Universe and creating them
  13. Aggregate and derived tables- usage in Universe
  14. Incompatible Objects and Handling Incompatible objects in universe
  15. Creation of Custom hierarchies and cascading list of values from available objects
  16. Creation of Prompts and filters at Universe Level
  17. Security Options available at Universe Level-Managing the Access restrictions at Universe
  18. Linking and Including Universes
  19. Using @functions in the Universe
  20. Working with List of Values and Conditions at universe
  21. Formatting objects
  22. Using Query panel in the Designer
  23. Setting Index awareness in the universe
  24. Setting ANSI 92 joins at universe level for Performance Improvement
  25. Working with Derived Tables and customization
  26. Handling isolate joins in the universe
  27. Introduction to SAP BO4.0 UDT and IDT
  28. Data Federator Concepts in SAP BO 4.0 IDT.
  29. Creation Relational, OLAP Connections in SAP BO 4.0 IDT.
  30. Creation of Single and Multi-Sourced Universe using SAP BO 4.0 IDT.
  31. Creation of Derived tables and Prompts in SAP BO 4.0 IDT.
  32. Creation of Universe on top of Bex Queries in SAP BO 4.0
  33. Creation of Users, User groups, Folders and Assigning the Security in CMC.
  1. Overview of DESKI,WEBI and WEBI Rich Client
  2. Creation of reports using
  3. Sections, breaks, filters( static and dynamic), Prompts
  4. Working with Conditional hiding of rows in WEBI
  5. Manual Hiding in WEBI
  6. Complex formulas, variables, scope of Analysis, drill options, hyperlinks and Input Controls
  7. Alternative rows highlighting and Reports with advanced features in 4.0. (Data preview, Query Stripping etc…)
  8. Cascading prompts, Graphs
  9. Working with Date and Complex prompts
  10. Alerters,Scheduling, reports with Combined Queries
  11. Reports with Multiple Data Providers
  12. Working with Personal Data providers, Slice and Dice
  13. Report Formatting Techniques and Custom Formatting
  14. Designing WEBI reports with above features
  15. Merging of dimensions
  16. Working with report level contexts
  17. Pivot, folding and saving the report templates
  18. Working with custom calculations
  19. Handling different ERRORS in reports- #Multivalve, #Context, #Syntax, Synchronization related errors
  20. Creating the WEBI reports on top of BW cubes
  21. Creating the WEBI reports on top of BEx Queries
  22. Creation of different reports using WEBI RICH CLIENT tool
Creation of COMPLEX reports with real-time Business Logics. (Operational reports and reports with specific LOB) Real-time Project Explanation with LIVE Scenarios.
SAP BO 4.0 Crystal report design
  1. Reports with variables, formulas, Grouping, Running Totals, Graphs and sub-reports.
  2. Crystal reports with Interactive and Static Filters and Conditional Highlighting.
  3. Crystal reports on top of .UNX universes and Bex Queries.
SAP BO 4.0 Dashboard Design tool
  1. Working with SAP BO 4.0 Dashboard Design tool (Previously xcelsius 2008)
  2. Creation of Dashboards on top of Excel Data.
  3. Creation Dashboards on top of Universe and Bex Queries.
  4. Project Explanation and Guidance.