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SAP BW 7.5

What is this course about?

The SAP BW 7.5 caters to the future proof architecture for your BW implementation.

Prerequisites: None

  1. Multi – dimensional Model in SAP BI
  2. The SAP BW Star Schema Concept
  3. Data warehousing Workbench (DWB)
  4. Info Objects
  5. Info Cubes
Data Extraction and Data Flow with in Sap BI 7.3 NW 2004S
  1. Overview of BI 7.3 Dataflow
  2. Loading Master Data (Attributes, Texts, Hierarchies )
  3. Loading Transaction Data
New Data sources Concept of BI 7.3
  1. Overview of new Data sources
  2. Emulation of Data source in BI 7.3
  3. Data source Lifecycle with In BI 7.3
Transformation in BI 7.3(ETL)
  1. In depth coverage of Transformation
  2. Routines in Transformations (Start routine, End routine, Expert routine, transformation routine) with different Real Time examples
  3. Transformation Groups
  4. Unit and currency Conversions
DTP (Data Transfer Process)
  1. Overview of DTPS
  2. Trouble shooting techniques in DTPS
  3. Debugging ABAP Routines Using DTPS
Business Content
  1. Business Content (BCT
Administration of Info Cubes and Aggregates
  1. Managing Basic Cubes
  2. Aggregates
  3. BI Accelerators
  1. Data Store Objects concept
  2. Types of DSO’s
Virtual Cubes and Multi providers
  1. Virtual Cubes
  2. Multi Providers
  1. Extractions using BI 7.3 Data flows
  2. Overview of ECC 6.0 Extractions
Types of ECC extractions Generic Extractions
  1. Generic Extractions using
    • Database Tables
    • View
    • Classical Info sets
    • Functional Module
Business Content Extractions
  1. Overview of Business Content Extractions
  2. Examples from Financial, Logistics, HRMS module
CO-PA Extractions (COST PROFITABLE ANALYSIS) LO-COCK PIT Extractions (LOGISTICS) FI-SL Extractions (Financial special purpose ledger) Delta Management
Extracting Master Data from ECC
(Attributes, Text, Hierarchies) Data source Enhancement Process Chains in Detail Covering all process Types Upgrading process Chains from BW3.Xto BI7.3 APDS (Analysis Process Designers)
  1. Introduction to BI Enterprise Reporting
  2. The SAP BI Overview
  3. Navigating in Reports
  4. First Steps in Query Designer
  5. Query Designer
  6. Info Providers in query Designer
Key Figures
  1. Restricted Key Figures
  2. Calculated Key Figures
  3. Properties of Key Figures
  4. Structures and cells
  1. Properties and Attributes of Characteristics
  2. Integrating attributes and hierarchies in report
  1. Characteristics Variables
  2. Hierarchy Variables
  3. Hierarchy Node Variables
  4. Formula Variables
  5. Text Variables
  6. Variable Processing types
Exceptions and Conditions
  1. Exceptions
  2. Conditions
  1. RRI (report to report interface)
  2. Bex Analyzer
  3. Bex Web Analyzer
  4. Web Reporting using new Web Application designer
  5. Transporting Objects (CTO)


SAP Net Weaver BW 7.3 Feature Overview
  1. SAP Net Weaver BW 7.3 Overview
Graphical Data Modeling
  1. Graphical Data Flow Modeling Basics
  2. Data Flow Copying
  3. Data Flow Generation
Advanced Info Providers
  1. Advanced Info Providers
  2. Semantically Partitioned Object (SPO)
  3. Hybrid Info Providers
  4. Transient Providers
SAP Net Weaver BW and In-Memory Technology
  1. SAP Net Weaver BW and SAP HANA
  2. The Future of SAP Net Weaver BW, BWA and SAP HANA
The New BW 7.3 Hierarchy ETL
  1. Understanding the BW7.3 Hierarchy Framework
SAP Net Weaver BW and SAP Business Objects (SBO)
  1. SAP Business Objects Enterprise Information Management (SBO EIM) Capabilities
  2. SAP Business Objects (SBO) and BW Integration
BW Operations: Process Chain Monitor
  1. Monitoring Process Chains